Last year (2012) we hauled out in Shelter Bay Marina / Panama as we did in 2011 and 2008 to perform the necessary maintenance work together with our ship wrights.

 The ship was surveyed in 2008 and it was stated, that GRETE is in a very good condition. Her  price was estimated 150.000 Euro. We want to sell her cnsiderably below that price. Please send us your offer.

A classic boat is for sale

Built in 1937 in Germany at the Northsea by the well known Bieritz shipyard she represented a typical shrimper powered by sails and a 38 hp diesel engine. She was built oak on oak with mast and spares of douglas pine. In 1978 she was rebuild for private use and a 150 hp Deutz Diesel engine was built in. In 2002 she was totaly refittet and furnished for a circum navigation. This was done at the wellknown Danish shipyard of Christian Johnson in Egernsund, Dk. Every piece of wood above the waterline and almost half of what is below was replaced by high quality northern oak, douglas pine and pitchpine. Below the waterline the complete hull is planked with copper as a protection against worms.

Before leaving Germany in June 2002 for her circum navigation she was inspected by a marine surveyer and her value was set to 145.000 Euro. (Today appr. 189.000 USD) A value at which she still is insured.

She is gaffrigged and baers 5 sails upwind with a total of 130 sqm (appr. 1300 sqft) and two squaresails downwind 64 sqm (appr.640 sqft.). Thus a speed of 7 kn can be achieved.

Three stainless steel tanks holding 205 Gal. of Diesel, another two stainless steel tanks holding 150 Gal. of water. Furthermore there is a 100 Gal. greywater tank, also stainless steel.

The electrical system consists of 12V, 24V and 220V.

24 V is used for enginestart and ankerwindlass powerd by a 100 Ah AGM battery,

12 V is used for everything else, powered from a 400 Ah AGM deep cycle battery.

220 V shorepower is used to charge the batteries via a 35 Amps Iota or 25 Amps Mobitronic charger.

For 24V there is a Lada Charger of 220 V 15 Amps, and a Bosch alternator of 60 Amps.

For 12V there is a bank of 9 Solarpanels with 645 W and a 45 Amps Morningstar Regulator, an Air Marine windgenerator, a 12V alternator of 120 Amps with an advanced Xantrex Regulator.

Below deck there are two very cosy cabins. The foreward cabin is used as masterbedroom with a dobble bed, lots of cabinetspace and the HF Radiostation with ICOM 710 M Radio and Pactor for e-mails and wether reports. It can be reached from the main cabin or via its own staircase. The main cabin holds a sofa, wich can be converted into a dobble bed, a table that seats 5 persons, the pantry with a swiss kerosin Bertschi stove with 3 burners and an oven, refrigerador, sink and lots of storage space. A 25 Gal. stainless steel kerosene tank lasts for almost a year. And there is a bathroom with head and sink.

On deck there is plenty of space for relaxing in hamocks, a big teak table sits up to 8 persons, on the roof of the main cabin there is space for 2 matrasses if one wants to sleep outside in a warm sommer night. More space is in the rear where a woodden

bench has room for 5 persons. Here you can relax under a wooden roof (that holds the solar panels and also collects rainwater), or steer the vessel hydraulicaly, or just watch the instruments, when she is navigated by the Simrad-Robertson autopilot and MLR- GPS. Here also are the controll panels for the engine instruments, ankerwindlass, windgenerator, electrical controlls, navigational instruments, for 2 bilge pumps (one 12V and one 24 V) as well as a manual whale Gusher bilgepump.

At the vessels stern are a pair of oak boat davids to hoist up the 10 ft. Carib dinghy with its 9.9 Hp Evinrude-Johnson Outboarder.

She is a real beauty in very good condition!